October 13, 16:00 –17:30
Vegagatan 40, Gothenburg
150 SEK
Intuitive Painting Workshop
freestyle painting is one of the most creative & easy ways to release daily stress
Intuitive painting workshop is for you if you are looking for new ways to reduce stress and to leave daily worries behind. The main theme of the workshop is to release expectations and self-doubts with a help of one of the most creative yet powerful tool - freestyle painting.
No previous painting experience required.
**All art supplies are included in the price of the workshop.
How does it work
At the workshop you will learn how to get into creative flow and to begin creating colorful paintings. That playful activity will also be a symbolic beginning of your joyful, free, expressive live with less stress & worries.
The workshop will begin with a basic introduction of the technique we will be using, as well as the materials we will be playing with. Simple and easy to follow.
You singly will create a free-style picture in your own tempo. If necessary, the leader of the workshop will advise you and help you with anything you may need along that journey.
New acquaintances and communication
At intuitive painting workshops there is always a positive, uplifting atmosphere of communication. There are always interesting people to talk to and to be inspired of.
Olga Bachila
artist, art teacher, ARTMEDITATION founder
Olga holds painting classes and workshops since 2016 with focus on assisting people in their exciting journey of rediscovering their natural creative talents. In addition to teaching, Olga is a painter that primarily works in impressionist style with a touch of psychedelic mysticism. She exhibits her works online, as well as holds occasional off-line exhibitions in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Pictures from the previous workshops
Thanks for having me in your workshop, Olga! You were a great facilitator! Specially I liked that there were now rules and "instructions" to follow. To relax and recharge the" battery" is more important than you think sometimes and your art workshop helped me with that. To my surprise, I really enjoyed playing with watercolours, too.
Martin Westerling
Olga is someone who definitely loves art and is able to transmit that passion. She sees the ability in every student and helps you discover your own approach to art.
I enjoy the experimental approach of the classes and the energy of each session.
Carolina Jaramillo
It was a good feeling to go back to my careless childhood while painting. Thank you Olga!
Jari Kinnunen
Art classes with Olga is very fun! Even though you can be scared and think you're going to fail the first time, you should never give into your fears. Olga is great at teaching!
Emilie Hughes
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form below
Does it make sense to come if I don't know how to draw at all?
What materials will we be using for painting?
We will be using watercolor paints.
How long does the workshop last?
The workshop itself lasts for 90 minutes. After the workshop, the participants often choose to go out for fika or dinner together :) Fika/dinner is a self-arranged activity.
Intuitive Painting Workshop
OCTOBER 13 , 16:00-17:30 | VEGAGATAN 40 | 150 SEK

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